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[NewSpeek har valgt at give nedenstående artikel et selvstændigt opslag. Illustration og tekst kaster lys over, hvilke særligt indflydelsesrige institutioner, organisationer, tænketanke og fora vi er oppe imod. Gigantiske mørke kræfter i et sindrigt net og med de største spillere i skyggerne. Derfor er det også så vanskeligt at finde ud af, hvad sandheden er.

Et godt råd hørt på Jerm Warfares hjemmeside i en af hans mange brillante podcasts med denne verdens sandhedssøgere: Spørg ikke, hvad sandhederne er, men hvad der er løgne. På den måde vil du indirekte nærme dig Sandheden.

NewSpeek har indsat afsnit i artiklen for at lette læsningen på skærmen, og I får også lige et gammelt link til perspektivering: HVEM EJER VERDEN?]


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[Efter at have læst John Colemans bog ”Conspirators’ HIERARCHY: The Story of the COMMITTEE of 300” (1992!) kan jeg kun bekræfte, at placeringen af The Tavistock Institute i centrum er såre velvalgt. Hvad dette institut har udvirket af ulykker og lidelser, kan der skrives tykke bøger om.

Colemans bog giver i øvrigt også en nøgle til at identificere de mange forskellige indbyrdes forbundne ’led’ i hierarkiet]



Partial translation from 2017: ‘In the Age of Confusion, where almost everything has been a lie and manipulated for time immemorial, there is nevertheless considerable consensus among truth-seekers about many historical events. Directed History and Deep Politics – more appropriate designations for so-called ‘conspiracy theory’ – became dominant concepts and frameworks for understanding many events of our time.

But there are also differences, and many are divided among the truth movements because of disagreements – increasing numbers of groupings, parties, factions, divisions, mutual competition, narcissism, pride and stupid pride, resentment, suspicion, emotions that take over, etc.

I have observed it for many years, but I have never seen so much division in the truth movements (and I have been awake since 2001 and before). Infight about what is most important; whether it is money creation out of thin air, central banks, the constitution, freemasons, the living man, Jesuits or Zionists, the IMF, various 9/11 theories, chemtrails, etc.

All this is happening simultaneously in a cacophonous chaotic plenum without an overarching pattern that could function as a translating interface of causes of these various elite power groupings, thus are difficult to rank hierarchically in terms of power and placement in the pyramid – and this confusion in the so-called truth movements, can be called – with a neologism – ‘The Conceptual Towers of Babel’, although this term denotes something very general.

A very simplified and caricatured picture of the confusion; the ‘Tower of Babel Concepts’ within Deep Politics and Directed History include the following stances:

  • The world is controlled by the Rothschilds who rule City of London who control the banking system and thus everything.
  • The world is ruled by the Catholic Church, who via their secret decrees and their banking system has a hidden declared ownership of all souls on Earth.
  • The world is ruled by The Black Nobility who control the Jesuits, who via a black pope rule the other pope, own all the gold in the world and thus the whole world
  • The world is governed by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission (TLC), Bilderberg, and the Tavistock Institute and + 3000 think tanks
  • The world is run by Freemasons who, through their network, run governments and the institutions that run governments through the Scottish Rite, York Rite, Grand Orleans and 48 other named secret societies
  • The world is ruled by a single group of conspirators who are all descendants of the Pharaohs who now all live in Switzerland
  • The world is ruled by the Illuminati, the enlightened ones – who are descendants of a group of Jesuits – who overthrew Freemasonry, organized the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and then infiltrated the governments of this world
  • The world is ruled by Nazis who have escaped the Third Reich and have infiltrated the CIA, NSA, etc… (Joseph P. Farrell, Peter Levenda, etc.)
  • The world is controlled by the Anglo-American Intelligence-Military complex, and has infiltrated the CIA, NSA, etc.
  • The world is ruled by an extremely advanced group called the Breakaway Civilization with quantum leaps in science, anti-gravity technology, psychic development, UFO technology (TR3B), vast underground cities, 100 years ahead of our own time’s access to tech and cognition, and who may have made a pact with extraterrestrials (Richard Dolan, Joseph P. Farrell, et al)
  • The world is ruled by reptilians and archons dumped on earth from outer space, possibly connected to the Moon and Saturn, and have infiltrated humanity via the 4th dimension, and the Gnostics warned us about these entities (Michael Tsarion, David Icke, John Lamb Lash, John Nichols, etc.)
  • The world is ruled by [_________fill in your own____________}

    Conspiracy theorists like myself believe modern history reflects a long-term conspiracy by an international financial elite to enslave humanity. Like blind men examining an elephant, we attribute this conspiracy to Jews, Illuminati, Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasons, Black Nobility, and Bildersbergs etc.
    – partial translation from Det Babelske Begrebstårn & Konspirationen om Elefanten, august 2017

Aside from potential false dichotomies above, let’s take a glance at such conflict:

The Black Nobility vs The Rothschild Dynasty
Background: Chapter 27: The Rothschild Banking Dynasty: How Zionist Luciferian Overlords Came to Rule the Earth – 2020 with +470 annotated footnotes. (NB! That the book’s foreword is written by the late shill, Robert David Steele, is very problematic IMO, but this does not mean that Joachim Hagopian’s information about the Rothschilds is wrong, but one must analyze, go through sources and footnotes thoroughly to check verifiable documentation, soundness and evidence in chapter 27).



Resten af artiklen kan læses her. Den er lang, men indsatsen værd! Endnu nogle brikker er faldet på plads (for mig!) i puslespillet, og den del af den sataniske kult, der gemmer sig i skyggerne, får stadig sværere ved at opretholde anonymitet.

Jeg har klippet en række citater ud til de travle, der ikke får læst hele teksten:

“Power makes itself invisible by putting proxies in its place, so that the root cause of the deeds of evil can be kept hidden, for if the subjects – ignorant brainwashed slaves who accept ‘democracy’ as ‘freedom’ – discover great mischief and slavery, the power’s puppet on the throne will be wiped out, not the power behind the throne.  Rothschilds do this themselves with politicians as puppets, and the politicians’ managers are also lackeys.


Iain Davis: “Some people believe that the NWO is a “Jewish plot to enslave humanity.” Very few people who have researched and studied the NWO share this view. It is not supported by the evidence.


As historian Antony C. Sutton pointed out in his exploration of Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution:

“The persistence with which the Jewish-conspiracy myth has been pushed suggests that it may well be a deliberate device to divert attention from the real issues and the real causes. [. . .] What better way to divert attention from the real operators than by the medieval bogeyman of antisemitism?”

The ‘anti-Zionists’ view:   



….The New World Order (NWO) is an idea that was first proposed—though not with that exact name—by Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table Movement. It was envisaged as a secret system of global governance that would be led by an Anglo-American—or transatlantic—alliance. However, it didn’t stay “secret” for very long.

Not only have politicians and leaders of industry, commerce and finance frequently mentioned the NWO in speeches, but it has also been thoroughly exposed by historians and researchers—perhaps most notably by Professors Carroll Quigley and Antony C. Sutton….


What is Jewish Power? – by British Jewish activist Paul Eisen: https://www.righteousjews.org/article10.html

‘Dr. Joseph Mercola had the courage and determination to write a critique and exposé of the people and organizations who were defaming, discrediting and censoring him and his colleagues in the alternative health field who did not comply with the official Covid story-telling….Joseph Mercola, Robert F Kennedy Jr, their staffs and supporters are not fools. They could not have missed the obvious overwhelming Jewish representation among their opponents, as we’ve abundantly shown here…’
Obscuring the Jewish Problem in Alternative Media: An Example


[The Best Speech Ever on The Jewish Question?]




Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini (Black Nobility) and Baron David Rene de Rothschild


In other words: The Black Nobility might exist as the true power behind the Rothschilds but outside the light of the lamp pole, e.g. hidden and cloaked. It could be, but it’s an argument from wishful thinking in so far that we cannot find the names of the Black Nobility within powerful influence of finance, media and academia today.

What was perhaps true in 1966 when Caroll Quigley published his work might not be true today. Even then, it was the Rothschild Zionists who got the US into WW1 and WW2. It was the Zionists who created Israel through the Balfour Declaration. The Rothschild Dynasty seems to be the most visible and the Rockefellers – central in the worldwide Corona operation – seem to be taking marching orders from the Rothchilds. Some sources say that the Cecil Group’s Lord Alfred Milner took his marching orders from Rothschilds.

M.K. Stylinski, Puppets & Players I


‘Freemasonry is the executive political organ of the Jewish financial elite’
– Rabbi Wise


Regardless of who is subordinate or superior in power, an enigmatic Black Nobility, Jesuits or Rothschild, the destruction comes from the same mafia, the same eugenic psychopathic mass murderous Modus Operandi and ideology.  (min fremhævelse – LN]

Nobody is prohibited from criticizing an elusive Black Nobility or Jesuit Order to kingdom come, but to criticize Israel/Jewish Power is becoming increasingly prohibited by legislation, not to mention the already existing de facto noahide law which is the only law in the whole world where you face prison time (in sixteen countries in Europe) if you dare utter the thought crime against Jewish Power.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize….


It was recently noted (https://national-justice.com/current-events/whos-miseducating-americas-elites-7-8-ivy-league-presidents-are-jewish) that of the eight Ivy League schools—Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Brown, Cornell, and Dartmouth—fully seven have Jewish presidents. In other words, 88% of these elite schools are run by Jews.
We can be sure that this Jewish orientation then extends down into provosts and deans who are disproportionately Jewish, into faculty members who are disproportionately Jewish, and into the very curriculum itself, which undoubtedly caters to liberal-left Jewish interests.


The Truth Seeker – The Biggest Secret of World War II


The end goal – whether Jewish elites like the Rothschilds are the only significant kingpins or whether a Black Nobility is co-existing with them – is a NWO AI totalitarian techno-transhumanistic cashless Social Credit Score society.
All preceded by a military scenario and an economic breakdown scenario, aided by the usual endless MO of media mindfucks, false flags and biosecurity events.

Since they thrive on ‘anti-Semitism’ – same old formula as WWII and how Israel was created (Boycott, Transfer Agreement, etc.), the end result might be that the top Talmudians and Zionists go free again, and their socially engineered ignorant average Joes and average Jews pay the price while a NWO is being erected, JUST like WWII and HOW ISRAEL WAS CREATED.

‘Lumping all Jews together allows Organized Jewry to dismiss resistance to their satanic agenda as racial prejudice. It forces all Jews to circle the wagons and defend the boss.
Opposing an illegitimate Jewish cultural, political and economic monopoly is reduced to “bigotry.”
This is why Organized Jewry sponsors antisemitism. Their MO is to scapegoat assimilated Jews while shielding the Rothschild banking cartel and Freemasonry”
– “Antisemitism” is a Trap for Goyim, Henry Makow, Polish-Jewish Ph.D

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