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Af Lone Nørgaard.     

UGE 19

NewSpeek lægger indlæg op 2-3 gange om ugen og udsender nyhedsbrev ca. hver 14. dag.

I BLANDEDE BOLSJER forsøger vi at sætte op tematisk og markerer særligt vigtige links med **** foran. (Du behøver ikke at være enig i valgene!).

Læs, lyt og døm selv!



**** EX-Pfizer Chef: Magteliternes næste træk


Den mystiske sammenhæg mellem pengesystemet, Titanic og ofring af børn


Når “pandemier erklæres” – hvad betyder det i praksis?  (med oversættelsesfunktion)


“The World Needs to Wake Up to Population Control”  (NB! 2016)

U.N. Planetary Emergency COMING! – Derrick Broze on Redacted News


Bill Gates og minister for udviklingssamarbejde og global klimapolitik, Dan Jørgensen, har i dag underskrevet en aftale om tættere samarbejde


“The US Financial Coup d’Etat: Now is the Time to Take Action”


Palestinian Lives Matter  Jeff Berwick


Stephen Bryen: The War in Europe is Spreading




Michel Chossudovsky on the Hiroshima Nagasaki Dress Rehearsal


Neil Oliver: Evil, Evil Evil!



Shocking Number og Excess Death   


NYT: Covid-vaksinen har gitt hjerneskader


Ex-CNN Host Chris Cuomo Reveals COVID Vaccine Injury: ‘I’m Sick Myself’

Chris Cumuo admits he’s been Vaccine Injured


Pfizers VD Albert Bourla: Cancermarknaden är vårt nya covid och vi ska rädda världen en gång till


Pontus, 30, dog av Modernavaccin – familjen får 30 000 i ersättning 



Are Pro-Palestine Campus Protests Being Funded By George Soros? A Closer Look 


The CAAs Grip On Freedom Of Speech – David Icke




Update on American built Port in Gaza


Israel is Caught in a Historic Impossibility and Its Economy is in Trouble


Proof AIPAC Controls The U.S. Government!  – Jimmy Dore

[AIPAC – den største pro-israelske politiske aktions-komité i USA]


Chris Hedges: Israel’s Master Plan For Gaza Is Horrifying


Norman Finkelstein on Israel Palestine (muligvis bragt før)


The number of right-wing [højreorienteret? – det er vist ‘hm’] media outlets that are systematically, fanatically “pro-Israel” is actually astonishing:

-Fox News

-Daily Wire


-The Post Millennial



-Washington Free Beacon

-Rebel News

-Epoch Times

-Babylon Bee

-New York Post

-National Review


-Washington Times

-Washington Examiner

-One America News

-Real America’s Voice

-Christian Broadcasting Network

-The Blaze

-Daily Mail

-The Free Press

-The Federalist

-Gateway Pundit

-Salem Radio Network

-Right Side Broadcasting Network

-Western Journal

-Human Events


-PJ Media

-Hot Air



-Drudge Report

-Daily Caller

Michael Tracey


Mike Adams:

Here’s why the police assault on university students is actually a GOOD thing in the long run: These students are now getting spontaneously RED-PILLED, realizing that everything they were taught by their university professors was a lie. America is not a “liberal democracy.” There are no civil rights respected by the government. A college campus is not a “safe space.” The police are enforcers of Zionism, not protectors of public safety. And most importantly, the corporate media are nothing but liars and propagandists, wholly complicit in pushing the Zionist agenda of #genocide and mass extermination of an entire ethnic group.

This sudden wake-up call is going to bring millions of Muslims and younger Jews to the side of independent media, seeking truth that they can’t find in the corporate media or in their university classrooms. Naturally, some conservative indy media publishers and influencers are too stupid to recognize any of this, and instead of welcoming a generation of newly-awakened people to the truth about the world, they are condemning the student protesters and siding with police brutality and zionist mass murderers (such as Breitbart, Ben Shapiro, etc.), because now, of course, many conservative alt media outlets are all-in with the establishment and agree with the Military Industrial Complex, the Zionist regime and the total destruction of the First Amendment.

But there are a number of us in independent media who are driven by PRINCIPLES, not tribalism, and we actually stand by those principles, such as the recognition of the dignity and divinity of every human life, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

At, we welcome the newly red-pilled Muslims, Jews and students who are suddenly having their illusions of the world utterly shattered, sometimes with accompanying police violence. In fact, at this point, I would say that #Muslims are rapidly getting more red-pilled than any other group I know. Because if anybody suddenly realizes how much the entire establishment (media, government, corporations, Big Tech, etc.) is pushing lies, death and deceptions, it’s followers of Islam in 2024. –




Scott Ritter Russia’s Unseen Victory in Ukraine   

Scott Ritter : Russia’s Next Move: Unpacking the Future of the Ukraine Conflict


“It’s OVER For Ukraine & Zelensky Will Be GONE Within 60 Days.” Col. Douglas MacGregor – SwebbTube


WARNINGS! “Ukraine will COLLAPSE in 2 weeks!” as Putin readies massive offensive


**** Russia is manipulated by the same elite financial interests that control the West



Epstein pedofil-offer öppnar munnen hur de offras för Djävulen! Inget för svaga själar!


Don’t beLIEve The Matrix


Rent drikkevand, Nordic Waste og lidt om hvordan du renser din krop


Derfor er The Handmaid’s Tale skræmmende tæt på virkeligheden


A generous portion of Sheep Farm matrix busting clips (sheeple)   


**** Uddannelsesskade og Autoritetstro



Orgonite Oasis Event – 2024 – 


Ville ikke vaccineres


I now identify as a black, Muslim woman


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