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Af Lone Nørgaard.

Med hjælp fra en følger har NewSpeek samlet en række links om den illegale migration ind i USA fra Mexico. I virkeligheden er der iflg. flere kommentatorer tale om en invasion.

Masseindvandringen er planlagt og organiseret af internationale ’hjælpe-organisationer’, FN, EU m.fl.

Muckraker proves that the implosion of the United States’ southern border is the intentional result of careful planning and is part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aka Agenda 2030”.

(citat fra Twitter-linket nedenfor).

The Biden Breaking Point – America Out Loud                                                   

“President Joe Biden ended Title 42, the public health authority turned border control tool, on Thursday, May 11th.

President Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, and AG Garland have betrayed the American people, destroyed the rule of law, and worked in concert to bring droves of border crossers and illegal aliens to the United States of America while utilizing an encrypted chat room to bring the illegal aliens across the border and into America.

These illegal aliens are not families seeking refuge. For the most part, these are dangerous armies of military-age young men, if not military.

The Communist Biden Administration has declared war on the American people. America is under attack by domestic enemies.”

“Biden has destroyed the U.S. economy, the U.S. dollar, which had been the reserve currency, cut off America’s energy production, handed America’s strategic oil reserve to China, and destroyed America’s military with Marxist and perverse ideology. Biden has now been exposed for the millions China and Romania paid the Biden family. We are on the brink of WWIII with a traitor at the helm.”


The States Border Patrol does not understand how all this is happening. Most never heard of Darian Gap     


Ted Cruz


Video: Cruz Slams Border Chaos As “Nothing Less Than An Invasion” (

Texas Senator Ted Cruz charged Thursday that the Biden administration is deliberately collapsing the Southern U.S. border and deliberately allowing an invasion to unfold.

Speaking to the media from the border, Cruz stated “We are witnessing an absolute travesty unfolding on our southern border,” adding “I am angry because this is deliberate!”

“This is a decision that was made by President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Congressional Democrats to open up the border to what is nothing less than an invasion,” Cruz bellowed.

“We’re witnessing modern day slavery,” Cruz said, adding “And maddeningly … the Biden administration has decided they want more.”

“The Biden administration is really proud now that they have apps on their phone, that when someone crosses illegally, they can fill out an application in two minutes. This is the Amazon version of illegal immigration!” Cruz added.

“They’re gonna make it fast and deliver them anywhere in the country. We’ve seen six and a half million people cross illegally since Joe Biden became president and the administration wants six and a half million to be 10 million, to be 12 million, to be 15 million, to be 20 million,” Cruz asserted.


Lara Logan


Lara Logan | Texas Officals Are Complicit With Southern Border Invasion

“Not even the Texas leaders are doing anything to secure the border and they are actively assisting in the open border policies of these seeking to obliterate sovereignty and The United States”


Lara Logan | One America News Network | Dan Ball W/ Lara Logan, Biden’s Humanitarian Crisis At The Border


Robert Malone   


På konferencen afslørede Dr. Malone, hvad han også har skrevet indgående om i sin nye bog ”Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming”– nemlig det forhold, at hele corona-narrativet er intet mindre end en såkaldt 5th Generation Warfare (5GW).


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