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Af Lone Nørgaard, 

NewSpeek vælger igen at bringe en række links, der taler op imod det officielle narrativ. 

Hvad skal vi tro? 

Er tredje verdenskrig i gang i stedfortræderkrigen i Ukraine, hvor US/UK-deep state, Nato og CIA er i gang med at bekæmpe Rusland til sidste ukrainer?  

Skal vi frygte atomkrig?  

Og er Gonzalo Lira alligevel ikke et sandhedsvidne?  


Scott Ritter & Gonzalo Lira  

Først kommer der et kort klip med Scott Ritter: 

Ukraine Offensive won’t change anything – Russia will prevail  

Her kommer hele interviewet: 

Scott Ritter – Ukraine Sept Counter Offensive    

Så en samtale med bl.a. Gonzalo Lira 

Alexander Mercouris Update: News UKRAINE With Gonzalo Lira & Alex Christoforou   

Og så en kommentar fra Scott Ritter om Gonzalo Lira, som Ritter tidligere har rost, bl.a. her:  Scott Ritter 2-minute Topic: Gonzalo Lira  

Men ikke mere: 


Det skal ikke være for nemt, og ingen skal bilde sig ind at have fat i hele sandheden.  


Brian Berletic 

Ukraine’s Offensives: Tactical Victories Can Contribute to Strategic Defeat  

Update for Russian military operations in Ukraine for September 12, 2022

– Ukraine has committed what is left of its best troops and equipment to multiple and expensive offensives – both around Kherson and in Kharkov, and rumors of offensives being prepared elsewhere;

– The Kherson offensive has failed, costing Ukraine multiple brigades’ worth of men and equipment with little territorial gain;

– The Kharkov offensive has cost Ukraine a large amount of men and equipment with significant territorial gains but failed to eliminate the Russian forces holding the region;

– Russia’s decision to withdraw from Kharkov conserves men and equipment for fighting later on and to be determined on Russian terms;

– There will be a significant strategic cost for Ukraine’s tactical gains – some of which are already being paid along the line of contact where Ukrainian lines have been weakened as Kiev cobbled together these offensive forces;

– There are significant parallels between this Ukrainian push and Germany’s Ardennes Offensive in 1944;

– Russia is targeting Ukrainian infrastructure including communication towers and power plants for the first time amid its military operations, signaling a possible escalation; 



Paul Craig Roberts

Is Putin’s Goody Two Shoes Behavior with his “Limited Operation” Blowing up in his face? 


En perspektivering: 

Doug Casey’s Take [ep.#205] The END of Europe 

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