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Af Lone Nørgaard.

Med hjælp fra en følger har NewSpeek samlet en række links om politisk forfølgelse af Trump. Og så et nyt navn (for mig), Rick Wiles, som hovedstrømsmedierne med garanti vil kalde et-eller-andet mellem konspirationsteoretiker og vanvittig. Er han? Døm selv.


“This Is Political Persecution”: Trump Rages, DeSantis ‘Won’t Extradite’, McCarthy Cries ‘Injustice’ Over Indictment | ZeroHedge

“Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who was hand-picked and funded by George Soros, is a disgrace.

Rather than stopping the unprecedented crime wave taking over New York City, he’s doing Joe Biden’s dirty work, ignoring the murders and burglaries and assaults he should be focused on. This is how Bragg spends his time!

I believe this Witch-Hunt will backfire massively on Joe Biden. The American people realize exactly what the Radical Left Democrats are doing here. Everyone can see it.

So our Movement, and our Party – united and strong – will first defeat Alvin Bragg, and then we will defeat Joe Biden, and we are going to throw every last one of these Crooked Democrats out of office so we can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”



Donald Trump was just indicted…but why?

“Yes, a campaign finance violation. That’s all. Much smaller names have had much bigger crimes swept under the rug.

Hell, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was found guilty of the same exact crime over their commissioning the ridiculous “Steele Dossier”. No arrests, just a fine…and they were literally trying to spread misinformation to swing an election.

So why can we expect to see Trump’s mugshot on the front cover of every newspaper tomorrow? Why is Donald Trump the first President to ever be indicted, and not, say, Richard Nixon or George Bush jr?

Well, there are two schools of thought on that subject, or rather two competing narratives.”

” Meanwhile, the real problems persist. The real policies endangering ordinary people – and pushed by Republicans and Democrats alike – will continue to spread. A prison being built up around us.

So, why was Trump indicted?

To give people something to talk about.”



Marjorie Taylor Greene Reacts To Trump Indictment, Rips Alvin Bragg



Väst styrs av ”absoluta idioter” – borde ”placeras på mentalsjukhus”

”Västvärlden har tagits över av de största idioterna någonsin, uppges den omstridda kristna journalisten och programledaren Rick Wiles från TruNews säga i ett viralt klipp.”

” Väst styrs av idioter. Absoluta idioter. Jag har aldrig sett så här många politiska idioter och sinnessjuka människor vid makten under hela mitt liv. Det är häpnadsväckande att se.”

Mere om Rick Wiles



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