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Af Lone Nørgaard.

Det er muligt, at dette opslag er for Feinschmeckere, men fordi jeg selv har været meget optaget af den sørgelige konflikt, der er opstået mellem de to frihedskæmpere, Robert Malone og Peter Breggin, går jeg ud fra, at også andre vil være interesserede.

Robert Malone har anlagt sag mod Peter Breggin og hans hustru og forlangt 25 millioner dollars i erstatning.

Min hovedkilde er som så ofte før Jerm Warfare, og afsættet er Mattias Desmets hypotese om ’masseformation’.   

For de travle er de tre vigtigste links:

Peter Breggin on being sued by Robert Malone – Jerm Warfare

Peter Breggin says ‘mass formation’ is nonsense – Jerm Warfare   

Catherine Austin Fitts responds to Malone’s $25 Million Lawsuit against the Breggins

For de mindre travle copy-paste af Jerms præsentation af de herrer.

Peter Breggin og Mattias Desmet
Peter Breggin
 is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and decades-long critic of shock treatment and psychiatric medication.

He was previously on my podcast, in which he chatted about his book Covid-19 And The Global Predators, as well as the “Covid” conspiracy and the powerful globalists trying to shape events.

Mattias Desmet was also previously on my podcast, in which he chatted about a concept called “mass formation” (or “mass hypnosis”). Mattias is a Professor Of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, and made a persuasive argument about why groups of people end up blindly complying and behaving like sheep.

Robert Malone popularised the phrase “mass formation” during his Joe Rogan appearance. The idea made sense to me too, as it explained the zombie-like behaviour around me since the start of the pseudopandemic.

However, Peter Breggin wrote a fascinating critique, which I read during a flight recently, and it had me scratching my head. It was like swallowing a red pill again.

Many thoughtful people who listened to him felt, at long last, they had a label to put on their fellow citizens who were acting zombie-like, soulless, and compliant in response to draconian pandemic measures and all the lies they were being told.

Some of the most dedicated reformers in the truth-in-science and freedom movement embraced his ideas. To many, it was a relief to be able to label it — mass formation or mass hypnosis — and to think that there was good science or psychology to bolster the diagnosis.

Yes, that’s how I felt too.

But then, Peter goes on with the following.

Rather than birds flying beautifully in unison, as Desmet analogizes to explain mass formation, during COVID-19, many people have become more like a flock of goldfinches huddled silently together in the bushes hiding from the hawk circling above. When the hawk is gone, they come alive again and go about their cheery business.

In other words, there is no “mass hypnosis”. There is no “madness of crowds”. There is no psychosis. People were – and are – simply acting out of fear and self preservation.

In other words, standard human (herd) behaviour that is thousands of years old.

Which is certainly a strong argument.


Jeg er som så ofte før enig med Jerm og hepper på the Breggins.

Er Robert Malone kontrolleret opposition eller bare selvisk? Og grådig?

Svaret blafrer i vinden.

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