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Af Lone Nørgaard. 

NewSpeek har valgt at give artiklen War of the Worlds af Todd Hayen et selvstændigt opslag, da den præcist dækker en række af de tanker, jeg selv har gjort mig om den aktuelle situation. 

Artiklen begynder således:  

“The Queen is dead, long live the King. In another world I used to know, and can still access at will, I would be interested in such an event. I would be a bit sad and reverent; thinking of an amazing life lived, thinking of all of the people who loved her so much.

In that other world I would binge watch The Crown, and be anxious to watch the plethora of documentaries showing up on Netflix for the occasion. I would be anxious to watch the pomp and spectacle of her funeral and the coronation of the man who now would be king. 

Sure, even in that world there is bitter-sweetness, there are things about Elizabeth and Charles that are not perfect. The biggest crime against the Queen was probably, in this older (in my experience) world, is the way she treated Diana.

Charles would be accused of the same, as well as other stupid things that made him a rather unsavoury character. But that’s about it. 

In that world.

Now, in the other world, the newer world in my experience, Queen Elizabeth II is at times called Queen A-Lizard-Beast. The Now-King Charles is suspected by some of being a pedophile and was involved with his brother’s association with the Isle of Epstein Evil. 

Although both of these accusations are found to originate in the QAnon movement and not shared by everyone occupying World B, it is still a part of it. Both Queen Elizabeth and King Charles are/were members of the WEF group-of-goons-club positioned to take over the world. 


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Og pokkers også, at så meget godt stof er på engelsk og ikke på dansk. 

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