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Af Lone Nørgaard. 

Denne artikel Social Science Theories and COVID Totalitarianism af Paul Collits er interessant læsning. Den er ikke helt nem, men på 8 A-4 sider fremlægger forfatteren forskellige bud på, hvordan beslutninger bliver taget – og hvad der har ledt frem til den aktuelle misere.   

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“The debate between those who believe we are in the midst of a “plandemic” and those who think we are merely ruled by venal bunglers is no mere sparring match involving conspiracy theorists and those who explain failed COVID policy as the result of stupidity rather evil. There are higher scholarly enterprises involved here. 

Political theory and the social sciences more broadly offer a rich seam of explanations for the COVID policy disasters of the past two-and-a-bit years. They comfortably explain both the decision-making and the supine acquiescence of peoples across the globe. In fact, there is a mere sliver of difference between plausible theories of the COVID State that emanate from Nobel Prize winning economists and their scholarly peers and what the Canadian COVID realist James Corbett tellingly terms “conspiracy research”. 

One example. The whole of public choice theory – which posits that politicians and public officials (and we could throw in the legacy media and corporates as well) generally are just as motivated in their decision-making by their private self-interests as anyone else in private life or the marketplace – explains just about every hideous decision any global politician has made about COVID since March 2020. 

Think James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock, to mention only the most prominent thinkers of the genre. Public choice theory, for example, explains the notion of government “capture” by interest groups and private corporations.
Clearly, governments and, in particular, health bureaucrats, not to mention grant-hungry academics and the legacy media, have been captured by Big Tech, Big Science and Big Pharma.

The retiring President Eisenhower warned the world at the beginning of the 1960s about the military-industrial complex. He would be spinning in his grave if he could see the twenty-first century simulacrums of his discovery.



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For de travle nogle prægnante citater fra teksten: 

The truly awful realisation here is that there has been absolutely nothing that our governments didn’t and wouldn’t do to us in order to gain, maintain and increase their power.


Schelling argued that people’s apparent ability to coordinate without communicating was key to understanding how real-life strategic games are solved. 


To eksempler:  

 ♦ Western leaders and their pals in the media might have anticipated what would happen if “the vaccine” was declared to be the ONLY way back to freedom from lockdowns. 

♦ Any one of us might well have anticipated what the corporate media and various, much-quoted academics would say about vaccines given the source of much of their incomes (the advertising and research revenue from Big Pharma). 


(…) there is one social science theory that COVID demonstrates we can safely consign to the dustbin of history: the ‘rational actor’ model, which suggests that decision-makers without personal interests separate from ‘the public good’ coolly and calmly gather full information on the issue at hand, then make balanced decisions on the evidence.
To suggest that COVID State mandarins have been “rational” and have acted without reference to personal interest is simply risible. 

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