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The Club of Rome & The CIA Depopulation Program at Fauci’s Fort Detrick

altså Rom-klubben & CIA depopulations-programmet på Fort Detrick, hvor Fauci er en af de satans spillere, pardon my French, der bilder sig ind at være på det godes side ved at udrydde os ’useless lotuseaters’.

Det er en lidt ældre tekst fra d. 30. oktober 2021, som trækker trådene tilbage i tiden og dokumenterer, hvor længe de regerende eliter alias den globalistiske mafia har været i gang. Måtte de blive straffet for deres ugerninger.

Her nedenfor følger Mike Yeadons kommentar til artiklen og dens indlagte videoklip.   

Mike Yeadon

If people have discretionary energy and time, there’s plenty of meat on these bones, even if not every paragraph comes with “receipts” that you can check. Enough of them do connect to events and people that do tie back to real events to make the overall thrust difficult to refute.

That thrust being that for many decades before 2020, there was an intention to create circumstances where a public health emergency condition would come about & the authorities would respond with “vaccines”.

[… i mange årtier før 2020 har der været en intention om at skabe omstændigheder, hvor en offentlig sundheds-nødsituation ville dukke op & myndighederne ville reagere med ”vacciner”].

The persistent problem in the background is clear. It’s merely an assertion & no evidence is ever offered to prove it. That problem is that planet Earth is overloaded with people and civilization would collapse early in the 21st century, unless the population was substantially curtailed.

I can’t help but review all these remarks and activities as other than starting from the unsupported conclusion and working backwards towards setting up a depopulation plan.

The article begins with a now elderly Club of Rome disciple trying to explain that the depopulation plan was necessary but that he hoped it would be “civilized and equitable”.

Towards the end, we see the second President Bush signing off on legislation in the Rose Garden that would morph into “medical countermeasures to protect America”.

With the benefit of hindsight, see if you agree or not with my take on this, a surely incredibly sombre objective: the players look like they’re enjoying themselves hugely. There is something approaching glee on the face of Fauci, Bright and others, in the setting up of conditions where very large numbers of innocent people can be killed.

I’m left, as always, with a clear impression of very long term planning for a depopulation plan, but with no real reason to do it. Many people say that, reluctantly, they just about understand the rationale.

They “know” deep inside themselves that there are too many of us & that our activities are destroying the planet. If either of these two things were true, we would indeed have been facing a major problem. But the reason many people assert that they “know” we’re beyond the carrying capacity of Earth & that we’re destroying the environment is because these people have told us so. That’s it. There’s otherwise no evidence for either assertion.

The started with the concluding intention & set about creating the PR to justify it, while in parallel bringing into being the means.

Mike Yeadon

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