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Af Lone Nørgaard.

NewSpeeks faste følgere kender Karen Kingston. Her kommer en række links, der belyser, hvordan hun er blevet jaget vildt for at sige de barske sandheder om sprøjterne: mRNA is a biovåben, der har forvoldt og forvolder stor skade.

Karen Kingston: “I’m being hunted by our own government. They want me dead” – The Expose (expose-news.com) 

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Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 11, 2023 – Bioweapons whistleblower Karen Kingston says she’s being hunted by the CIA for ASSASSINATION 

“- Karen Kingston says she’s being hunted by the CIA after speaking out about vaccine bioweapons
– We are urging Karen to get out of Mexico because it’s too dangerous there
– It’s much safer to go off grid into safe house environments in the USA”


Diana West om Karen Kingston


Diana West om Karen Kingston via Peter Breggin

“So we watch the video Kingston has simply uploaded to Rumble. We hear her apologize for looking haggard and for not speaking properly (something about ingesting an aerosol in her room?).

We listen as she tells us that our government is acting like international terrorists and Pfizer is acting like a drug cartel — which no one can argue with. We look on as she expresses her grave concerns about Dr Robert Malone [jf. kommentar nedenfor**], his connections to the so-called Deep State — the same Deep State she believes is threatening her life — and more.”

You must watch the video and make of it what you will for yourself

Just remember something. The history of repression is filled with dissidents fleeing, hiding, disappearing, dying. Only usually, we don’t get to see the haunted look in their eyes.”

Ginger og Peter Breggin 

‘Big Pharma Dissident Karen Kingston Claims She is Forced to Flee Country To Save Life’

“Ginger and I [ægteparret Breggin] last spoke to Karen Kingston on Zoom, on July 23rd, 2023. We had scheduled an hour radio interview with her. Karen was coughing as she signed onto the interview, declaring that she was in Florida at a newly leased apartment that had either been sprayed by an exterminator or someone was poisoning her, and she didn’t know whom to trust.

She said she had to get out of that apartment and couldn’t do the interview. We urged her to take care of herself as she signed off. Although we texted her later to ask how she was and to offer any assistance, we did not hear back from her.”


** Vedr. Robert Malone – læs her. Artiklen bekræfter, at det er blevet særdeles vanskeligt at have tillid til Dr. Malone.



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