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Af Lone Nørgaard. 

NewSpeeks faste følgere ved, hvad der på vej. Altså ud over stigende energipriser og en skyhøj inflation: 


Følgende links giver diverse bud på, hvordan fremtiden tegner sig: 

We Must Prepare for Unprecedented Food Shortages 

“Farmers across the world have been warning us and protesting for months. 

Legislation is being introduced in every country to ensure any farmers left are under globalist control. Alternative media has been relentlessly sounding the alarm about what is ahead. 

The globalists are manufacturing food shortages, and they’re coming… fast.In this short documentary, we show a range of MSM reports about the “mysterious” destruction of  hundreds of food plants across the world. 

Clayton Llewellyn of Heaven’s Harvest, a patriot who is helping Americans prepare for what is coming discusses the inevitable – that unless we prepare, millions will go hungry.”

Food Chain Reaction— A Global Food Security Game      December 2015   

(se fx s.25-34) I Washington DC Nov. 9-10 2015

Will you eat engineered insects and synthetic meat – to save the planet?   

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The ridiculous excuse is that cattle produce too much carbon dioxide, which is “bad for the climate”. 

But at the same time the government wants to replace farmland with industrial parks, and new urban areas.
They plan to connect all major cities into one monstrous Mega Smart City called the TriState City Network that will take up most of The Netherlands and Belgium. 

Indeed, this will be so much better for the climate than all the cows grazing in green pastures! “

Læg også mærke til branden i RUNGIS the largest wholesale fresh produce market in the world is on fire 




De skiderikker, pardon my French, har været i gang i årevis.  Og Klaus Schwab er måske ikke engang den værste. 

De går under radaren og gemmer sig i skyggerne med navne som fx Rockefeller og Rotschild. 

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