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Af Lone Nørgaard. 

Det vælter ind med informationer i min Indbakke relateret til the Great Reset, og med jævne mellemrum er øjnene ved at trille ud af hovedet på mig: Nej, det kan ikke passe. Nej, det må være overdrevet. Nej, det må være fake news. 

Men her godt 2½ år efter lockdown vælter det ikke bare ind med informationer, skeletterne vælter ud af big pharma-skabene. 

I denne video 

Uncensored: BOMBSHELL Team Enigma Whistleblower! US DoD Plan to Exterminate Population  

er Sasha Latypova gæst hos Maria Zeee 

“Team Enigma Whistleblower Sasha Latypova joins Maria Zeee to explain how the US Department of Defence is the weapon of the depopulation agenda, detailing how they legally got away with this under the Obama, Trump and Biden 

Administrations and all other “regulators” are simply paid actors stalling the public.”  


Man tror, det er løgn, men lyt og døm selv. 

Sasha Latypova selv kan findes her: 

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Her skriver hun bl.a.:

A must listen direct analysis of vials. It is not an “mRNA” injection, it’s a chemical cocktail. These results correlate very well with the results I obtained from several other sources.  


Mike Yeadon 

Jeg har ikke et link, men ud fra mit kendskab til Mike Yeadon indhentet igennem 2½ år, er jeg ret overbevist om, at ordene kan tilskrives ham: 

As a scientist, I used to take a vain pride in having little knowledge of & less interest in politics.

People like me with attitudes like that must bear our share of the blame for how we got into the mess we’re undoubtedly in now.

I was lured by talk of “The end of history”, the idea that moderate liberal democracy & the mixed economy was a natural equilibrium. So we didn’t need to fight the way our parents had about right & left. Movement would be small from a moderate, stable politics here on in.

How badly flawed was that logic! What happened instead was that as almost everyone abandoned their personal, active, daily struggle with real politics, the oligarchs, business lobbyists & technocratic machinators moved in & devoured the institutions we’d left unoccupied.
Political party memberships dwindled & while elections looked like the returned normal type results, we slumbered for decades, while cultural change, now at almost unstoppable power, has taken centre stage, owning politicians of every hue.

It’s now not enough to vote. As we can detect, that itself can easily be thwarted.
We need to involve ourselves again from the grassroots upwards. If we can’t do it, inspire our adult children to recognise the danger & perhaps assist their involvement.

It might seem impossible that a few dedicated people can bring about change. But as wiser people have previously observed, it’s in fact the only way change has ever happened. It doesn’t take a million people but it does require you.

Best wishes,
Mike Yeadon

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