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The secret reason why Trump released the vaccines 1.5 years too early

Trump was asked to run for president by high level military intelligence services who are fighting against world tyranny. Trump’s background in the inner circles of the cabal, and his decision to not go along with their evil plans, gave him insider knowledge needed to take them down.

He was informed that the pandemic was coming, and learned that the cabal’s plan was to have two full years of ongoing lockdowns.

This would wipe out the economies of the world and pave the way for a Great Reset, resulting in permanent worldwide tyranny. The agenda was to suppress all treatments for the pandemic disease – because the world must stay in lockdown for two years. After those two years, a vaccine would be released.

The pandemic agenda

✔︎ Release the pandemic

✔︎ Suppress all treatments

✔︎ Two years of lockdowns

✔︎ Devastate the nations

✔︎ Wipe out the middle class

✔︎ Impoverish all people

✔︎ Transfer all resources to the cabal

✔︎ Make humanity dependent on them

✔︎ Release vaccines after two years of lockdowns

✔︎ Be praised as the “saviors” of the world

✔︎ Establish permanent worldwide tyranny

Trump and his allies were aware of this agenda, yet had no way of stopping it. The cabal had prepared their plan for decades, and had everything in place: government agencies, health organizations, news media, mind-controlled population, every little detail…

The heart of the agenda was the two years of lockdowns to destroy the world. This had to be prevented by all means. There was only one way to end the lockdowns: a vaccine. 150 years of non-stop mind control of humanity had convinced virtually every single soul on earth that a vaccine is the one and only thing that protects them from illness.

Mankind demanded a vaccine. They would not accept anything else.


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Min kommentar:  I skrivende stund (d. 4. april) ved jeg stadig ikke om Trump og Putin er ’good guys’ eller en del af den globalistiske mafia. Jf. fx:

Russia touts common digital currency between Russia, China, India

Ovenstående link er tilsendt af en følger med denne kommentar:

“Så meget for modstanden mod Vestens hegemoni:

” In turn, the UAE is a participant in Project MBridge, the cross border CBDC project that includes China, Hong Kong and Thailand, as well as the BIS.”

BIS blev skabt af the Dark Side i starten af det 20. århundrede. Det er Rockefeller, Rothschild et als centralbankskoordinering.

Så det tyder på at være skuespil, multi polar world order hvor de sidder bagved ved samme bord.” (citat følger slut)



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