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Af Lone Nørgaard.     

NewSpeek lægger i en periode kun indlæg op tre gange om ugen (typisk mandag-onsdag-fredag) og udsender fremover et nyhedsbrev cirka hver anden lørdag.

Til gengæld udvides BLANDEDE BOLSJER, således at links, der tidligere ville have fået et selvstændigt opslag, nu vil være at finde her.

Her er, hvad vi har samlet i denne omgang. Som vi altid skriver: Læs, lyt og døm selv!


Myten om det korruptionsfrie Danmark (fra 16. april 2023)


Det er nu en ytrings- og økonomisk krig


‘Alarming’ rise in UK stillbirths and babies dying within weeks of being born reverses eight-year trend




Herskerklassens strategi begynder at dæmre


Kræftfremkaldende forurening i coronavaccinerne afsløret i senatshøring


INTERVIEW / TESTIMONY – National Citizen’s Inquiry – Turbo Cancer (Part 4) by Dr. William Makis (Sep.18, 2023)


Attorney Defending Constitutional Rights Receives Standing Ovation for Her Oral Arguments Against NY Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Tyrannical Quarantine Camp Lawsuit Appeal (VIDEO)


Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government


Australian senator Malcolm Roberts: The WHO Pandemic Treaty falls through.


Vibeke Manniche om Sundhedsstyrelsens pressechef: “Du misinformerer og lyver!”



FBI Chief Warns Satanic Pedophiles Are Working To Depopulate Earth (

Former FBI Head Ted Gunderson Exposes 25 Goals and Methods of The Illuminati    (optagelse fra 1994)

10 minutters video med udgangspunkt i bogen ”Pawns in the game ”af William Guy Carr. The Illuminati blev grundlagt af Adam Weishaupt d. 1. maj 1776







(421) Ted Gunderson – Obama FBI CIA Stop The Death Dumps Now – Chemtrails – YouTube

Optaget 2011, samme år som Ted Gunderson døde.


Zelensky: Ukraine will look more like ‘big Israel’ than Europe in future

Zelensky and NATO Plan to Transform Post-War Ukraine Into ‘a Big Israel’ – Toward Freedom      

Danmark er verdens femte mest naive land


Dr. Rima Laibow: Globalists Targeting Sex Trafficked Children for Trauma-Based Mind Control



A course on Agenda 21:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Agenda 21

Definition of Agenda 21, a short history, and the 3 E’s

Lesson 2: Getting America to Buy the Scam Called Agenda 21

“Indoctrination is used to soften up the American citizen to make them receptive to the transformation of a free world into a socialist, sustainable development world. Think of all the commercial and nature shows you have seen pushing the green agenda; think of all the articles our biased media create pushing the green agenda, even various churches push the 3 E’s”

Lesson 3: Wildlands Project

“How Sustainable Development Policies Will Force Citizens Off of the Rural Lands”

Lesson 4: Smart Growth

“How Smart Growth Stategies are Used to Control Human Behavior Within the Human Settlement”

Lesson 5: The NBA-China Disaster Is a Stress Test for Capitalism

“Public/Private Partnerships, … American Corporations with their massive wealth and power have long since crawled in bed with all levels of government”

Lesson 6: Grants are Used as a Major Tool to Implement Agenda 21

“If the federal government wishes to create voluntary compliance at a local level with certain federal goals, would grants available to cash-starved local governmental entities, grants with strings attached, not be an effective way to create compliance? “

Lesson 7: Regional Governments Will Destroy Our Local Representative Gov’t

“It is impossible to create a One World Order unless borders are completely eliminated. Take the European Union as an example. All the nations of the European Union share the same currency, have a free flow of people across their borders, have a central tax system with the means to enforce collections, and a common court system. That said, are they really sovereign anymore? Do their borders serve any function anymore?”

Lesson 8: Education and Sustainable Development

“How, Through Education, the American Citizen is being Dummied Down and Trained to be a Cog in the Centralized Industrial Machine of a One World Government”

Lesson 9: Non Governmental Organizations and the Delphi Method

“Role of Non Governmental Organizations and How City Planners Make Dupes of Citizens Through the Delphi Method and in so Doing Undermine our Representative Government”

Lesson 10: Stopping Agenda 21

Strategies that Will Help You Stop Agenda 21 from Destroying our Representative Republic

“We can hope that the politicians, with no push from the people, will on their own find out, learn about, and address Sustainable Development through appropriate legislation. If hoping for something worked, we would all have won million dollar lotteries by now. No, hoping isn’t the answer”

Other Videos :

Agenda 21: Henry Lamb (10 mins)

Henry Lamb on Global Governance and the Future of the United States



“Lamb was the founding chairman of Sovereignty International and the founding CEO of the Environmental Conservation Organization. He has provided testimony for the U.S. Congress, as well as state legislatures, and served as a consultant on U.N. affairs to Fox News. He also served on various boards and committees of organizations that promote environmental stewardship, private property rights and constitutional values”


Aurora says NO to 15 minutes cities!


Katie Hopkins on the ‘Online Safety Bill”…. the policing your speech inside your home.


The PM, the Nazi, the NDP, and their media: A look at the Nazi in the Parliament


Better Call Volga: 10,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender Using Special Radio Frequency to Escape Meat Grinder


BREAKING: Professor Miyazawa Takes it to the Street to Expose the Truth!


Sinister developments


Ep. 26 The Bill O’Reilly Interview


Revolution Against the System


Sundhedsstyrelsen henviser til lægemiddelindustriens forskere


The game is up, groomer. The party is over


Robin Monotti: From Gladio to the Pandemic & Climate, a Strategy of Tension


Dokumentar: “No farmers, no food”


‘Medical doctors’ meet me as I get off stages & interviews & write me & call me telling me “you & Bridle & McCullough & Oskoui & Tenenbaum & Risch etc. were always right but you have to understand


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