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Af Lone Nørgaard.

NewSpeek har valgt at give artiklen Elon Musk and the Epitome of a Frontman et selvstændigt opslag. Mange såkaldt vågne – jeg selv inklusiv! – nærer med jævne mellemrum et lille håb om, at der vil komme én og redde os ud af den suppedas, vi stolprer rundt i. 
Med stigende priser, stigende digital overvågning og kontrol og stadig flere kriser og krige og konflikter rundt omkring i verden beregnet på at gøre os skræmte og frygtsomme og passive.

Hvor ondt det end gør, er den bedste vej at betræde nok at opgive troen på jordiske frelsere. Jeg stoler i hvert fald ikke på Elon Musk og synes, der er belæg for min mistro i artiklen om hans baggrund og karriere.

Men læs den og døm selv.


Nedenfor først en pc-oversættelse af et par afsnit i den engelske artikel, derpå selve artiklen:

“Medierne vil have dig til at tro, at Elon Musk er et uafhængigt milliardærgeni, hvis drøm er at revolutionere bankvirksomhed. Men denne historie er beviseligt falsk. Fakta fortæller os, at Elon Musk er en frontmand for den samme gamle samme gamle. Men fordi han siger, at der kun er to køn, har han vundet et radikaliseret folks tillid i en krigstid uden nogensinde at skulle forklare sine løgne.

Musk siger, at han voksede op fattig, men hans familie var rig på smaragder og havde en historie med misbrug og hekseri. Afslørende tegn på tankekontrol i flere generationer.”

”Musk tjente næsten to hundrede millioner på salget af PayPal, et firma, som han ikke bidrog med, og brugte derefter disse penge sammen med illusionen om at være en succesrig forretningsmand medstifter til at købe sig ind i Tesla.”

The illusion of choice will make your financial enslavement less painful

Af Greg Reese.

Elon Musk announced over a year ago that he planned to convert Twitter into an everything app like China’s WeChat. An app to do everything including online banking and finance.

Last April Musk announced that Twitter Inc. has been renamed to X Corp., he created a new Artificial Intelligence company known as X.AI and he partnered with eToro for stock and crypto exchange.

The media would have you believe that Elon Musk is an independent billionaire genius whose dream is to revolutionize banking. But this story is demonstrably false. The facts tell us that Elon Musk is a frontman for the same old same old. But because he says there are only two genders he has gained the trust of a radicalized people in a time of war, without ever having to explain his lies.

Musk says he grew up poor but his family was rich with emeralds and had a history of abuse and witchcraft. Telltale signs of multi-generational mind control.

Musk received tens of thousands of dollars from his parents to launch his first business venture. A digital phone book known as Zip2. Outside coders were hired to write the entire thing because Elon couldn’t code. Zip2 sold for millions and went nowhere. But Elon made 22 million dollars and with the help of the mainstream media, launched his new persona as a quirky pop-star genius. He then acquired x dot com and announced he would create an online bank known as X. He partnered with banking experts who all left the company after accusing Elon of lying to the media about the product. Which is all he did.

Elon Musk is believed to have co-founded PayPal. This is false. In 2000 Musk sold his failing x dot com business to Confinity, a company founded in 1998 by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. All Musk reportedly did there was insist on changing the company’s name to X. He was forced out but somehow managed to get them to agree in writing to remove all references to ‘founders’ from the company website.

Musk made nearly two hundred million off the sale of PayPal, a company that he contributed nothing to, and then used that money along with the illusion of being a successful businessman co-founder to buy his way into Tesla.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, who developed the Tesla Roadster. When Tesla accepted millions from Elon, it came with the condition that he be named chairman of the company. Even though he only contributed money, Musk was unable to hide his anger that the media wasn’t giving him credit for Tesla Motors. And after forcing Eberhard out of the company he re-wrote their history to have himself listed as an original co-founder.

This obvious fake persona of a billionaire quirky genius has worked so well that few even question SpaceX. The official story is that Elon, who has absolutely no experience with rocket science, came up with the idea for SpaceX while traveling to Russia with the CIA’s Michael Griffin of In-Q-Tel. Shortly after this conversation, Griffin was made administrator of NASA where he launched the COTS program that privatized NASA’s rocket program. And awarded two-hundred and seventy-eight million dollars to SpaceX who had never made or flown any rockets. Musk then partnered with rocket engineer Tom Mueller, who went on to produce rocket technology that has clearly been developed for years in the private sectors of the military-industrial complex.

Elon’s companies have received billions in government subsidies over the last two decades. Money that was later spent on the purchase of Twitter. Where he immediately began the process of turning it into an everything app with its own banking system. Or rather, the ruling class cabal that pulls his strings is turning Twitter into an everything app with its own banking system. And that should be alarming. But he says there are only two genders, and families are good, and people love a hero.

They don’t need to chip you to control you. We already have iris scanners and palm scanners. A cashless society will do the job. And for many, Elon’s X will be preferable to Amazon’s palm scanners. The illusion of choice will make your financial enslavement less painful.

(Source: The Reese Report)

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