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Af Lone Nørgaard. 

NewSpeek har fået følgende tekst sendt anonymt og vælger at bringe den i sin fulde længde. Den rummer det absolutte skrækscenarie, der ikke levner noget håb. 

Hvordan du har det derude, ved jeg ikke – men jeg vil helst have kniven forfra, og hvis du ikke magter at dykke ned i det sorte hul, kan du bare trykke på delete. 

Der er indsat mellemrubrikker for at lette læsningen. 


Russia is not opposing
My thesis, in a single brief sentence: Russia is not opposing, or in any way defending itself or anybody else against a “US Unipolar World Order.” Actually, Russia is cooperating with the Globalist City of London-Wall Street-Israel Cabal as it completes the ongoing destruction of the former western democracies.

The neocon, zionist front-men whom you see running “America” are not American. They hate America-as they hate all sovereign nation states-down deep in their Globalist bones. The USA that you refer to no longer exists. It is long dead. Captured and fully controlled at all levels executive, legislative, and judicial. The same is true for all of the formerly sovereign western democracies. Face this fact first. Let that sink in if you can.

Everything you think you see happening is being done with great purpose: to finally destroy completely and eradicate those once sovereign nation states.

The “Russian” sanctions have always been aimed primarily at the west
I state again: the “Russian” sanctions have always been aimed primarily at the west. Go and familiarize yourself with the Globalist agenda; it is clearly articulated by the work product of the Globalist front organization known as the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

You will find there an urgent effort to set up a world government controlled by central banks and their corollaries (“partner” banks, mega corporations, etc.). The “green,” or climate change agenda is at the heart of that effort for some reason. Some of us theorize that–like “covid”–the green agenda provides abundant opportunities for surveillance and control of the neo-peasantry on a massive scale.

There are many obvious contradictions within the” Russia versus the New World Order” paradigm if you choose to see them. Several weeks before Russia cued its “Special Military operation,” Germany appointed a non-German citizen to a cabinet level position of “Special Climate Envoy.” Did you know that? Do you know that the woman appointed is the former head of none other than Greenpeace? Can you see the connection to the climate agenda (the “Green New Deal”), Nordstream, and Ukraine?

Here is another contradiction. The head of Russian Sverbank is a board member of the World Economic Forum. He and Sverbank hosted and opened the final major cyber polygon event for the WEF last year; Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin made opening comments for that event. 

The WHO is a very important agency
Another important globalist front organization with which Russia maintains an ongoing love affair is the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is a very important agency because it is through the lies and fraud surrounding “global health emergencies” that so much of the little that remains of national sovereignty is being stolen from the people of the world. That’s all I can say about this without risking deletion by the moderators. Russian engagement and connections to the Cabal front organization the WEF and the WHO are easily verified so please do your own research. You may need to learn to use the internet ”way back machine” as many of these pages are disappearing now.

All sovereign nation states, including Russia, along with their hordes of ordinary (non-aristocratic) peoples, are the enemies of the New Global Aristocracy.

The Global Aristocracy-web is highly complex
The Global Aristocracy can be described as the City of London-Wall Street-Israel Cabal.
Their web is highly complex. Their tentacles have nearly complete global reach. Some of their front organizations for global policy and propaganda include the WHO, the IMF, the International Bank of Settlements, Chatham House, the Council of Foreign Relations, and the World Economic Forum, to name a diverse few. Add to the list all of the world’s central banks (Bank of England; The US Fed) and some corollaries thereof, such as Sverbank.

The agents through which the banks consolidate and exert power are the great corporations, almost all owned directly or indirectly by Israeli Blackrock, Vanguard, or State Street. Include of course the “great” pharmaceuticals (yes, they are controlled by the same corporate interests, and yes ,those same interests also include ownership of virtually all media worldwide, including in Ukraine, which is all BBC or BBC front run outfits). 

Do your own research please. These are basic facts and easy to verify (for now).

Many of the families behind these organizations have long conspired together against ordinary humanity. Simply read your history of the British Empire (aka Rothschilds Banking Empire) through the 20th Century to see their black hands at work around the world for hundreds of years. These are the nests and dens of the power players; the true shot callers.

These powerful global aristocrats are not friends of the “American” people or of the “British” or “French” or Russian people. They are the enemies of all peoples of the world.

A top down, brutal technocratic tyranny of bankers
The emerging order – and I almost laugh to have to say it – is not communist. It is not nationalist. It is the opposite of those things. It is a top down brutal technocratic tyranny of bankers that far exceeds the scope and scale of any of the great tyrannies ever yet catalogued in human history. 

The best analogy we have from the past is that of feudalism. What these criminals envision will amount to a worldwide neo feudalism. The vast estate of the New Aristocracy will know no bounds, consisting as it will of the entire planet.

The Global “elite,” dear friends, whether British, American, Israeli, Chinese, or Russian, have far more in common with each other than they do with us. We are their enemies by default, merely because we exist. We breathe. We use energy. We eat. They believe–and they hope desperately that they are correct–that now, for the first time in history, they possess the technology (medical, psychological, communications, surveillance, etc.) to do what their ancestors before them only dreamed of.

There is no Russia fighting its existential battle for survival
So no. There is no Russia fighting its existential battle for survival against a crazed America desperate to save its dollar or its unipolar rules-based order. This is the rudest of rude propaganda aimed at those who cannot see, who cannot think.

The globalists have already made sure, through cultural immolation (open immigration, manufactured racial strife, gender obfuscation, dis-education across various cultural pillars, drug addiction) that Americans, British, Australian, Canadian, et al., are no longer a people capable of sovereignty. 

The economies have been gutted, primarily through the extraction of wealth, mainly future public wealth (converted to public debt) and the means of creating it. Most plant, capital, and intellectual property (the internal organs and bodily fluids of any nation) have mostly already been removed, primarily to China.
Now the further creation of layer upon layer upon layer of debt is being accomplished to complete the “bust out” of whatever remains. The Russian elites are cooperating in this ongoing process.

The Chinese elites who actually run that country and fully control its formidable population are not your friends. They are no more the friends of ordinary humanity than are the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, or any of the rest for that matter. They all care about themselves alone. Period.

There is no China covering the Russian back
There is no China covering the Russian back and ready to do battle against the American led “unipolar tyrants.” That is a rude fiction. There are Chinese and Russian elites preparing their gilded seats at the new Round Table to be set for Global Aristocracy.

Then what is there? There are very terrible Globalist forces managing the entire board and massing and positioning their formidable forces which are being and will be used to subjugate, control, surveil, harass, and yes, to kill, many of us, ultimately without regard for ideas like our ethnicity or sexual preference, which have been used only to weaken us through division and psychological manipulation.

Russian, Chinese, Anglo, European, and Israeli elites are all cooperating

Russian, Chinese, Anglo, European, and Israeli elites are all cooperating to create the new order according to their collective vision for the future. Their future. Which does not include a future for the rest of us useless eaters and troublemakers.

In the near term, the vast Chinese population and its controlled social and economic grid will be their base of operations, from which they will manage and control the engine of their new global feudalistic empire.

In the near term the rest of us will be decimated in health and in overall population. We will be prevented from engaging in extensive travel, agricultural production, property ownership, or management of our own affairs in any meaningful way.

The Cabal will continue to exploit Russian resources
In the near to midterm the Cabal will continue to exploit Russian resources for its own purposes through its deep and formidable links with the Chinese elite; given the extensive physical and financial presence of the global aristocracy in China please do not suggest that they will somehow not have access to those resources; such is simply childish wishful thinking (please note Elon Musk located his data center and its extensive data bases to China within the last year; as part of the ongoing narrative, Musk has just purchased Twitter; there can be no doubt the main hub of social management, control, and surveillance is being planned to operate out of China). 

The Global Aristocracy, with all its wealth and intellectual property, continues to flee to China, not from China (please don’t waste time with baseless excuses or imagined reasons why this makes sense in a narrative which casts China as the next “rogue nation” to be “targeted” for destruction by the “Unipolar bad guys.” Please.)

The Russian soldiers are merely tools
The Russian soldiers, indeed the Russian people, are merely tools being used just like the rest of us.

Now if you dare step back and see the truth, you can start to make more sense of what you see in Ukraine and elsewhere. What appear to be contradictions are not contradictions at all. Just a failure on our part to understand what is actually happening.

A few of the many observable facts that contradict the fiction that is the narrative being produced for us by the Globalist Banker Cabal:

Putin personally apologizes to Israeli Prime Minister for statements made by Lavrov;

Russia sends a letter asking the USA to stop sending weapons to Ukraine (fair to say the content is ridiculous);

The “West” continues to be allowed to use the dumping of old, antiquated weapons and materials into Ukraine as a means of adding to the western public debt burden while transferring more real assets to the cabal criminals;

Globalist Cabal Neocon elites travel unmolested in and out of Kiev;

West/ NATO allowed to continue openly and actively targeting Russian military assets; Russia does not retaliate in any meaningful way (and what little does occur is probably based on prior agreements with its contacts in the cabal);

Russia and the West continue to pretend that buying Russian gas and oil (at all, let alone in rubles) is some kind of sanction against Russia;

Russia and the West continue to pretend that it makes perfect sense to supply oil and gas directly to those whom you claim want to destroy you totally and completely.

How many more can you yourself think of?

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